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Comparing Classic Scrum’s and Disciplined Agile’s Approach to Starting and Learning

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Let’s not throw out our ability to see cause and effect with the complexity bathwater

Scrum is designed to be incomplete. Its philosophy is based on empiricism and confidence people can figure out what’s needed. Scrum was formulated when many universal truths of product development were not well known. However, they are now, and the downside of not providing these concepts at the beginning is that it requires extra work for the team while adding the risk they never figure out what’s needed.

Scrum was also designed for cross functional teams working on developing products. It requires teams be cross-functional and is based on time-boxing with the presumption that incoming requirements are longer than the sprint length.

The challenge is when cross cross-functional teams aren’t present, it doesn’t provide guidance on creating them. Furthermore, if you are in IT and are dealing with a continuous stream of small requests, sprint planning adds extra work without providing value.

Disciplined Agile takes a different approach. It provides an underlying model that both enables teams to choose a good starting point and how they should work. This underlying model also provides guidance on improving. By being based on Lean and Flow principles, guidance is provided without being prescriptive.

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Dear Al
Interesting perspective on the topic
Thanks for sharing

The pace at which it publishes is mind-blowing
Fortunately this post is a comparative analysis between Scrum and Disciplined Agile :-)

i'll take that as a compliment. :)
I've always been prolific with blogs and use them to clarify my thoughts and to provoke others.
Most of what I write about is from what I've discovered in actual consultations so it's more of a mind dump (after getting clarity) than a creation.

Right now I am focusing on the integration of Disciplined Agile with FLEX. questions and disagreements are requested.

Dear Al
I will closely follow your publications

I'm still digesting ( :-) )the previous thought: "Starting a Transition to Business Agility in Seven Steps"

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