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3 Ways to Think About Risk [Video]

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Getting a handle on risk is so important when it comes to keeping your project under control.

There are plenty of different ways to categorise and think about risk, and today’s video considers three ways you can group risk:

  • Hazard risk
  • Control risk
  • Opportunity risk.

Watch the video below and then let me know – do you agree with these categories, or do you use a different way of bundling your risks together?

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Posted on: November 05, 2019 03:47 PM | Permalink

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Dear Elizabeth
I just watched the video
Thanks for sharing

I really liked the content.

I find that you have greatly changed the way you used to display content
In my opinion, a significant change for the better

Do you usually watch the videos before uploading on youtube?
If so, did you like what you saw?
If I had to make some improvements, what would they be?

Just keep moving forward

I will be an attentive viewer to the videos you share with us

thanks a lots

Yes, Elizabeth!..Agreed with these categories of Risks....thanks for sharing...

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