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Most frameworks are rolled out in a prescribed manner. One intent behind this includes the desire to create consistency across the organization. Saying which parts of a framework to implement based on size of the org is still prescriptive which is not consistent with systems-thinking. Systems-thinking is a foundation for Lean and Flow. Adding Lean and Flow practices to a non-systems thinking approach doesn’t make it a systems thinking approach.

In development efforts, systems-thinking suggests a value stream perspective. This facilitates alignment around adding value to customers both within and across value streams. Management facilitates education and provides an environment within which workers can self-organize to get their job done.

When the framework is the territory, tailoring is delayed until the framework is understood. But a framework not adapted to an organization becomes overhead and because how or when to adapt is not included in the framework, it often doesn’t happen.

DA FLEX believes in early adaptations. Even when the choice is not ideal, this attitude promotes learning. The goal is not to follow the framework but to continuously improve an organization’s business agility.

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Dear Al
Interesting reflection on your
Thanks for sharing

It's a principle that we agree with
More important than saying it is doing it

That's where, in my opinion, is the busilis of the question

I will remain a keen reader of what you blog

Very interesting thanks for sharing

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