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Looking at a number of ongoing discussions on professional blogs, social responsibility is now a growing requirement for every organization and I would add professional. Interestingly enough, the project management profession is far from being exempt from this responsibility. An organization’s products, services, policies and programs are under increased scrutiny with respect to the implications these elements have on society. A subtle movement has been taking place for years that focuses on holding organizations accountable for fulfilling their civic duties and monitor their efforts to benefit society in general. It looks at an organization’s efforts to benefit the planet, people, prosperity and peace. All noble efforts to say the least. Some find this troubling because in many cases these undertakings run contrary to maximizing profits, which has been a primary focus for decades.

Emerging technologies bring with them some unique capabilities that some find troubling. There are some that are so troubled by one or more of these technologies, they take action. Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging technologies that has taken center stage when it comes to some being troubled.  An interesting example became well publicized when Google employees and other protesters/critics voiced their concerns when Eric Schmidt delivered his keynote address at Stanford University’s AI conference. Another example came late in 2018 when workers at Amazon’s warehouse in Europe spoke out saying ‘we are not robots’ in their protests. Once again, these show a derivative implication from the disruption of emerging technologies. Could the protests impact programs and projects – yes. As a profession and as the person on point for delivery of initiatives that might be disputed, it is a risk that must be assessed and managed.  On the other side of the coin, we may all be managing programs and projects that are clearly an organization’s undertaking within their social responsibility efforts.

THOUGHT:  Carrie Underwood, American singer, songwriter, and fashion designer said, “Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.”

Check out the results of my poll asking if those responding organization was socially responsible.

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Dear Kevin
Interesting reflection
Thanks for sharing

One day I heard someone say: "Whoever made money by" ruining "(polluting) the planet will earn money by straightening it." (I think this reflection included war)

Dear Kevin
I am from a time when 60% of the world's wealth was concentrated in the hands of 40% of the population.

I have heard that this ratio has changed significantly.
It seems that 50% of wealth is concentrated in a 1% of the population.
Social Responsibility?


Thanks for sharing this and I can't agree with you more. Social and Professional responsibility are of utmost importance - I think both should be there without either being undermined in anyway.

P4 - Pseudo Science - Political Correctness - Propaganda

Thanks for giving us this interesting approach, Our actions must be focused to make our planet and society better, not to take the most advantage of money from it.

Despite technically being in the middle of an ice age, I think discussions on "global warming" should shift to global pollution. The first is propaganda and pseudo science, the second is a reality that we can do something about.

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