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Contrasting Scrum and DA's starting, learning and improvement approaches

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Consider how Scrum suggests how to start, learn, and improve. It starts in one place, learns via retros at end of a sprint and teams are to improve via figuring it out themselves.

Lean suggests started based on where you are along with learning and improvement methods that are continuous. It also provides many practices not in Scrum in order to make Scrum simpler as if there weren't ways to add options without adding complexity to the user.

Requiring certain practices or getting the response "then it's not Scrum" has detrimental side effects. We should be learning whether something is effective and not whether it is part of the framework. Any framework not handling this is flawed.

I consider that Dark Scrum is often caused by not following all of its immutable rules, roles, artifacts & events to be a fault in its design. Frameworks must adapt to where they are being used.

At Disciplined Agile (PMI) we believe that choosing your own way of working is important. The small amount of upfront decision making more than compensates for the large amount of coaching that otherwise will be required later. But this decision making process continues as people learn how to improve and apply that knowledge.


For more on what I believe Scrum should look like see "The New Scrum Game"

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Dear Al
Very interesting this reflection
Thanks for sharing

Increasingly, and thanks to you, I feel curious to know and understand AD better


I tend to agree with you as I find scrum to be a very rigid framework and they clearly mention this to you in their guide that if you do not apply scrum in its entirety then it is not scrum. Moreover, Scrum do not focus on a project as a whole, but rather on the development side only.

I find that DSDM best suits our projects and it is very flexible. You might want to explore it a bit, if not already.


Very interesting approach of Scrum true characteristics. We must be open to consider other techniques that may suit best to our project.

I tend to agree with Scrumian Rami. My blog may have little left to write about lol.

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