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Benefits of Risk Management [Video]

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risk managementWe all know we have to do risk management on projects. And beyond that, our businesses should have enterprise risk management in place, because… well… it’s the right thing to do.

However, if you’ve ever had to convince a project sponsor that it’s worth spending time on risk in a project board meeting, then you’ll know that sometimes not everyone feels the same way about risk management.

When you need to have conversations with your stakeholders and teams – and perhaps even the leadership in your organisation – about why risk management is a worthwhile endeavour, then this video will help.

I talk about the benefits of managing risk at an enterprise and project level. Specifically, we do risk management:

  • Because it meets mandatory requirements
  • For assurance
  • For effective decision making
  • For process efficiency.

Watch the video below and then let me know – what are the benefits of risk management that are the most important to you?


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Dear Elizabeth
Very interesting this topic that addressed

I really liked the way you presented the video

I would like to suggest some points for reflection:
1. At the beginning, on the opening slide, put the theme you are referring to
2. In the text he pointed out 4 benefits to risk management although in the video he referred to 5.
3. Make video without having a door behind
4. At the end put references to the video: Author / Director / Producer

Each new video you post positively surprises me by the improvements you make.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the feedback, Luis. Unfortunately, I don't have a real recording studio, I just use the room in my house with the best light, and that means the door is in shot! There is no author, director or producer, it's just me.

Dear Elizabeth
Thanks for your response
In the end you can always put:

Author: Elizabeth Harrin
Production and Production: Elizabeth Harrin

Blog or website:

Once again, congratulations

Very interesting., thanks for sharing

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