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Mother Hen Leadership

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Project Managers can learn from watching a mother hen taking care of her chicks. It's a neverending job keeping watch over those chicks to make sure they are safe and don't wander off and get lost or into trouble.

The Project Team needs a good leader. The Project Manager needs to always keep an eye on the team to make sure everyone stays on track. You need to be involved, but do not micromanage your team. Let them be independent like chicks so they can develop and become valuable team members. Be there to steer the team members back on track when you notice that they are lost and need some guidance.

Having good intuition is a plus. The picture I snapped illustrates the mother hen being concerned because she has a feeling that one chick is missing because there are only five chicks around her so she takes to higher ground to get a better view of whats going on.

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Dear Drake
Interesting perspective
Thanks for sharing


Interesting analogy!

It is always a challenge when it comes to "empowering" versus "protecting" the team. As we all know that there is no "one size" fits all for our projects but we do need to keep reminding ourselves that as a Leader for our projects it is our responsibility to "empower" our teams, not to "micro manage" and always protect them.

On this site I often read exaggerations when it come to the role of the PM. This is probably one of the most exaggerated exaggeration if I can say so.

For a very limited number of PMs maybe this applies but for the overwhelming majority of them not a chance.

While most PMs do play an important role on projects, most of them, while interacting with the project team just ask for status report and nothing more. This does not mean that they are useless it just means that this analogy is simply not a good one.

Thank you, Luis and Sreepathi for your nice comments.

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