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Today marks the launch of the Community Ambassadors Program! This initiative will provide community members with additional support resources who facilitate and encourage constructive conversations as well as assist members in navigating the community. To learn more, read the initial program announcement here.


Emily Luijbregts and Andrew Craig will serve as’s first Ambassadors! As active members of the community, Emily and Andrew have demonstrated great knowledge, professionalism, passion, and willingness to help fellow community members. Learn more about Emily & Andrew below - please connect with them and feel free to ask them for assistance in all things community and project management.


Emily has been working in Project Management for over 10 years. In this time, she has worked in a variety of project management methodologies, including waterfall, scrum, and agile, and she has been a strategic Project Manager, Coordinator, Facilitator, and Scrum Master. With a specialization in Communications, she ensures the team can remain on target and focused regardless of location and culture. She has worked extensively with colleagues on almost every continent and loves learning about other cultures and how we all communicate with each other.

Emily greatly enjoys being a part of PMI’s online community, as her busy schedule makes it difficult to stay active in her local Chapter. Offering opportunities for connection and a sense of community, provides Project Managers with access to a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Emily loves that global viewpoints are represented within the community, and there is a diversity of experience and opinions. As a Community Ambassador, Emily hopes to help other Project Managers to learn and develop by encouraging collaboration and discussion and making everyone feel comfortable participating – whether they are new to the community or experienced professionals. 

Andrew Craig is a Consultant for North Highland Worldwide Consulting. As an Expert Practitioner in the Program and Project Management Office, he supports transformation initiatives and Community of Excellence development engagements. Andrew is a consummate professional and student of the profession with a passion for learning and bringing the best out of others.

Andrew’s style has largely been centered around inclusivity and collaboration, understanding that project management moves at the speed of decisions and without getting people together to have conversations, progress will be limited or veer off into an unexpected direction. Andrew has been successful in leading organizations to collectively, and effectively, make decisions and drive solutions forward to success. is a part of Andrew’s daily routine, as he starts his day browsing the site with a cup of coffee. Possessing the mindset that there is always something new to learn, Andrew enjoys interacting with fellow community members, sharing his thoughts, and gaining different insights. He loves that exposes professionals to unique ideas and perspectives across a variety of industries and experience levels. As a Community Ambassador, Andrew seeks to encourage people to put themselves out there and become more engaged within the community. He is excited to continue learning about community members’ different ways of working and approaches to projects!

Posted by Laura Schofield on: January 02, 2020 09:45 AM | Permalink

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Dear Laura
Interesting this initiative
Thanks for sharing

Congratulations dear Emily Luijbregts and Andrew Craig

Speech ... speech :-)

Congratulations, Emily and Andrew.

@ Andrew, we have a similar routine " is a part of Andrew’s daily routine, as he starts his day browsing the site with a cup of coffee." I am then on the right path to become an ambassador in the future ;-)

Thank you, Laura, for the introduction. Super excited to take on this new opportunity with Emily. Looking forward to the great things to come.

@Luis Thanks! Haha :) I can only hope I can live up to the expectations.

@Eduard Thank you! Your comment gave me a chuckle.

Dear Laura
I thank you very much for this information.
Congratulations for Emily and Andrew.

Best wishes. Excited to see the improvements to the communities.

Congratulation and Best wishes, and thanks for sharing these information.

Congratulations for Emily and Andrew.

Congratulations for this initiative!
All the best for 2020.

Thanks everyone! It's great to see such kind words and support!

Lots of talent onboard for the Community Ambassadors!

Congratulations for both of you for this new challenge!
And thank you for your contributions in the Community. I read many articles from Emily and I can write that they deserve to be read!

Good for you Emily!

Have you spotted my blogs series on Neuroscience in Project Management over in 'Shifting Change: Insider Tips'

I have not read your blog -- but I'm looking forward to it with great avarice. I have an unwanted distinction of being dead (no pulse) for longer than is allowed. About 11 minutes or so. This happened nearly 30 years ago and it's been an interesting neuro-ride since, and the ride doesn't seem to ever stop or actually to ever stop changing. However I can report that being dead was a wonderful feeling.

I'm going to go dig into your blog right now! :)

Congratulations to you both.

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