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Each and every day as of late, new and innovative use cases for emerging technologies are being developed by the innovative creators of the digitally connected world of tomorrow. They are inventing the products and services that will have an impact on nearly every aspect of our daily lives.  With that said, properly leveraging emerging technologies throughout our career is becoming just what is needed to achieve the success we seek and desire. Whether it is in our home and personal lives or the business and work environments that we spend an increasing percentage of our time, whether we like it or not, we are more than ever before, connected, interacting and reliant upon with digital technology. We have little choice.

Whether at home, work or somewhere in between, we are connected and the way we are engaging with each other has significantly changed. This is also true in the way we engage our systems and pieces of emerging technologies like Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, Smart Highways, Smart Vehicles and we should not forget intelligent systems that are currently in place today and smarter ones coming in the near-term. The digital/connected aspects of our professional and personal lives have become so intertwined compared to what we had experienced in the past and with what has now become to be known as the norm, has led many to now believe it is essential to keep up with and have a basic understanding of emerging technologies.  However, we must break-out and isolate ourselves from time to time. Give our brains some rest and down-time.

One of the more rapidly growing issues that has begun to face and increasing number of professionals is the burn-out now being associated with the digital change (both plus and minus) and the technological sophistication and digital interaction as we move from job to job.  It is unclear what is more challenging, moving from a technologically advanced organization to one that is technologically challenged or vice versa. Perhaps that is something we all had better consider when we look at changing jobs from now on.

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Dear Kevin
Interesting perspective on the theme: "Impact of Change on Us"
Thanks for sharing

Important point to consider: "We should go out and isolate ourselves from time to time. Give our brains some rest and downtime."

I took a day of a few weeks ago. That day, I had 5 calls to my cell phone and 7 text messages to the phone and I am not even going to talk about all the emails! It is hard to rest your brain given those numbers!

Very interesting., thanks for sharing

Thank you.

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