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Short Story of Expectations and Realities

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Short Story of Expectations and Realities

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Getting ready for a nice run outside on the trails. It is finally cold again and all is frozen. The snow is on its way. I thought to myself, this is going to be great. Though it has been warm lately, it also means its muddy. Certainly, a fun time for what it is, but happy for it to be frozen.

And how cool is this going to be? Cold and refreshing, tree covered trails, snow, early Saturday morning; what could be better! Got the dog ready, geared ourselves up and hit the trails!

We left, heading out on our excursion. As we carry on, I realize its a bit colder than expected. Also, for some reason, my dog was not having it. Normally, a cold weather running beast, but today, seemed to be pulling along a dog sled behind me. I'm thinking, hmm, not what I planned the run to be like.

Then the snow came. This is awesome! Just what I wanted. Quickly, the snow picked up and soon it was stinging my cold face and I couldn't see as clearly, especially due to the steady pace of the run.

At this point, my face is stinging, I'm dragging my dog behind me (not literally, don't worry), and I can't see. All that, but I'm still loving it, in the way only true passion and commitment will allow us too. But when all was said and done, we both finished the run, felt great, ran the distance planned and in a more than respectable time.

How does all of this relate to us as professionals?

While we are planning, the vision seems so clear. As we begin executing and moving forward, we start to realize that reality provides a new clarity to what we once thought was a clear vision.

Stick with it because while you may think you are struggling in some aspects, you can be excelling in others. There will be uphills, but there will also be downhills. There may be potholes or rugged pathways, but there will also be smooth ones. Take what's in front of you for what it is and continue moving forward, even if it takes more effort or is at a slower pace.

Posted on: January 18, 2020 06:06 PM | Permalink

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This resonates with my a lot. I like your analogy and how you relate both together. Spot On !


Dear Andrew
Interesting this story of yours: "Short Story of Expectations and Realities"

Thanks for sharing

Important point: "Take what's in front of you for what it is and continue moving forward, even if it takes more effort or is at a slower pace."

Rami, I'm so happy it resonated with you! Thank you, for sharing that with me.

Thank you, Luis. I appreciate you taking the time to read and post!

Thank you for sharing! The point is "true passion and commitment". At planning phase we feel all bright things ahead with little aware of unknown know until we really meet them on way. Without passion and commitment, we will never get sweet fruits. Looking back after passing challenges making us feel great. Great story!

Thank you, Nguyen. Great comment! Thanks for reading and really appreciate it!

Hello Andrew: You painted such a great picture of your run and analogy with project management. Perseverance is so important for project success. The trail is not always easy (dare I say never easy?) - but it is always rewarding when you lead (hopefully not drag) your team along the trail and in the end have a successful run. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you, Lori. So glad you came by to read this post. Yes, lead over drag :)

What I didn't share (I should have!) is that Paddy (my dog, Irish Terrier) was leading me in the end!

Interesting anology Andrew thank you! I can only do the reading and looking bit with cats and dogs, they’ll normally know as they get close to me and I squeak loudly (and alot)! :-)

Thanks for sharing.

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