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Aligning Strategy to Value [Video]

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There has been a lot of talk in recent time about the point of aligning projects to strategy to ensure that value is delivered – and that value is the important thing, not outputs. Well, this is hardly rocket science. Projects are the way to deliver strategy. You can have a lovely strategy, but if it stays as a PowerPoint deck, it’s useless. You need to take action on strategy items to make them happen, and that’s where we come in as project managers.

But unfortunately, it seems to me, as I hear from many of the project managers that I mentor and work with, that they are still having conversations with project sponsors, and managers (not so much PMO professionals, who get this stuff) about making sure everything lines up.

In this video I talk about aligning strategy to value. I share 4 easy steps you can take at any level in the company to make sure your project adds a ton of value to the organisation by focusing on things that are really important. Hopefully it will help you have those conversations in your organisation, if you need to.

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Dear Elizabeth
Interesting your perspective on the topic: "Aligning Strategy to Value"

Thanks for sharing

Important points to highlight:
"4 easy steps you can take to make sure your project adds a ton of value to the organization by focusing on things that are really important"

We agree with:
It is through programs and projects that companies implement their strategy

Dear Elizabeth,
Thanks for sharing a very practical guide on Strategic alignment.

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