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Welcome to The Critical Path--the home for community happenings and events on! This is where you'll find community news, updates, upcoming events, featured member posts and more. We'll also be showcasing hot topics in the project management arena and bringing you interviews with industry experts. The Critical Path is our primary way of getting news out to members, so be sure to check back for updates!

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We have surpassed the first month of the New Year and spring is right around the corner in North America! As the days continue elongating, so do the number of initiatives and activities within the community continue to flourish. By the way, did you know 2020 is a Leap Year? Yes, you have an extra day to engage with your fellow PM colleagues, so get excited! Whether fully engaged in projects or cramming to meet deadlines, we hope you can take a moment to read about new and exciting activities taking place here on

Have you registered for the 13th annual PMXPO Virtual Conference scheduled on 26 March 2020? If not, I urge you to take a sneak peek of our Keynote Speaker, Cara Brookins, a bestselling author who rebuilt her broken family by building her own house watching “how-to” videos on YouTube. The subject of an upcoming movie, Cara shares her inspiring story filled with determination, passion and grit. Cara shares tactics to blend an imperfect mix of personalities, talents and temperaments into cohesive, unstoppable teams. CLICK HERE to register!

Our next “Discover PMI - Ask Us Anything!” webinar, is scheduled for Thursday, 27 February 2020 at 9:00AM EST. As previously posted, the format, which is executed through non-PDU bearing webinars, is meant to encourage conversation with various PMI departments. Simply put, members having a one hour Q&A session with a particular PMI department. We're thrilled to have guest speaker, Lysan Drabon, along with her fellow colleagues, discover the value of PMIs 300+ chapters across the globe and learn how you can benefit from engaging with the one close to you. Face to face exchange with your PPPM peers - close by - in your language - relevant to your career, your industry and your market. All community members are welcome to register!

EMEA Congress 2020 in Prague, Czechia will be here before you know it! Register by 25 March 2020 to take advantage of Early Bird savings! Bringing together hundreds of project, programme and portfolio managers from around the world, EMEA Congress attracts professionals from leading organisations in a wide range of industries and sectors and 70+ countries. With a blend of traditional and non-traditional sessions, this year’s event will also suit professionals who put a high value on networking and being inspired to act. By joining us, you’ll empower yourself and your organisation with the knowledge, skills and connections to stay competitive in an ever-changing world.

As always, YOU are driving force within the Community, and we cannot thank you enough!  Continue posting your intriguing subject matters or questions in our various Discussion Forums. We want to hear about them all, and help you get to where you're going today and tomorrow. Your feedback and ideas are most welcome!

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Thanks for the updates Kimberly. Already registered for the PMXPO - Hopefully won't miss it. Cheers !

Cara Kimberly

Thanks for sharing with us: "February Community News You Can Use"

Great, Kimberly. Looking forward to Lori and Dave's webinar!

Hello Kimberly: Thanks for keeping us informed. So many things to be excited about!

Thanks for sharing this exciting news.

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