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The Agile community is spawning new certification tracks that is starting to rival the PMI.  A new kid on the block was just announced by the Lean-Kanban University and not surprisingly it is titled The "Kanban Certified Professional" or KCP for short.

Here’s a description of the certification from the LKU site:
Lean-Kanban University (LKU) announces the launch of a professional designation for people coaching Kanban: Kanban Coaching Professional, or KCP. The Kanban Coaching Professional program has been established in response to demand from the community. Since the successful launch of the Lean-Kanban University Accredited Kanban Training program in early 2012, many prominent members of the Kanban community have expressed a desire to be recognized with a professional designation for their coaching, consulting, or managerial contributions.  It was felt that Lean-Kanban University should do more than just recognize those offering formal Kanban training…
Candidates for the KCP designation must have completed a 3-day Advanced Kanban Masterclass, developed field experience working with Kanban in one or more organizations, and must submit to a peer review process. The advisory board will appoint a review panel to consider each application.
The Kanban Coaching Professional designation indicates that an individual is a member of the Lean-Kanban University Kanban Coaching Professional program.  An annual membership fee will be levied. To maintain their status, KCP’s will be expected to play an active role in the Kanban community.  Specific requirements will be advised via the Advisory Board from time to time.
Pawel Brodzinski, a well known blogger on software project management who has expressed an antipathy towards most PM certifications, felt compelled to obtain the certification and expresses his rationale for obtaining it:
As Kanban gets more and more popular, I see more people jumping on this bandwagon, offering training, coaching and what have you. The problem is that sometimes I know these people and I’m rather scared that they are teaching Kanban.
Not that I want to forbid anyone to teach Kanban, but I believe we arrived to the point where we need a distinction. The distinction between people who invest their time to keep in touch with the community, attend events, share experience, engage discussions, etc. and those who just add a Kanban course to their wide training portfolio because, well, people want to buy this crap.
This is exactly why I decided to get enrolled in the KCP program. For this very distinction.
I believe that, at least for now, it differentiates people who you’d like to hire to help you with Kanban from those who you can’t really tell anything about. This is where I see the biggest value of KCP. I really do hope it will stay this way.
I can understand this rationale, for as a similar person who writes about, coaches, consults and trains on topics related to project management I’m always trying to stay on top of these things to add some legitimacy to my background.  And of course, I’m unashamedly doing this to increase my profile which increases my ability to earn more by monetizing my services.
If this is something you are looking to pursue in depth, it might be worthwhile to look into this as it is so new and is just on the cusp of the Kanban hype bandwagon that has dawn upon us in the project management world.
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Hi Don,

Are there any statistics around number of KCP certified professionals or any case studies of the benefit of this certificaiton?

Hi Chris, I have seen no statistics around this certification. The benefits are presumably outlined on the website link I have on the blog. YMV.

Thanks for sharing

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