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Fun and proven Team Building

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Fun and proven Team Building

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Today I’m sharing two simple team building activities that have been special to me over the years – sharing in the hope these might be helpful for someone else!

  1. I had 12 people who reported to me.  We all sat together at a long table and each person was given a small bowl or plate.  Each person was handed 11 small, smooth stones (not larger than 2.5 inches) and a set of markers.  I asked each person to draw one positive word on each rock to describe each teammate.  In the end, each team member ended up with a plate holding 11 rocks painted with empowering words.  Even though we did this activity years ago, those plates and rocks remain important to us all and the plates holding inspiring words can still be seen on desks today.  These are the words my team used to describe me:  Leader, quarterback, beauty, family, honest, inspiring, truthful, kind, generous, motivator, energy.  When things seem hard, I just pick up a rock and feel stronger.  It didn’t cost much, but the impact has been great for each of us.  Some people now work for other companies, but they took their stones with them and they are still on their desks!
  2. I asked everyone on the team to bring in 5 photos that tell a story about them.  Some brought pictures of themselves doing activities like rock climbing or soccer playing.  Others brought pictures with family members or pets.  I provided paper, special scrapbooking stickers and tape, etc. and everyone created a page that represented who they were.  In the end, we put the pages into an album and dated it with the year.  Over time, team members came and went but the albums were a fun reminder of who was here each year.  We learned so much about one another seeing their pictures, sharing stories and seeing one another as “well-rounded” individuals.  It was a really fun exercise.

Both of these were simple team building activities, but the positive results continue through to today.  Do you have a favorite team building activity you can share with us – one that really had great results?

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Dear Lori
Interesting your reflection on the topic: "Fun and proven Team Building"

Thanks for sharing

Two fantastic ideas to strengthen team spirit

How often are these activities carried out?
At the beginning of each project?

An activity that I usually do is to put a timeline on a board

In this timeline I mark the decades (with a dash and the year below) and between the decades the years (only a dash)

I ask people to select two milestones in their lives along the timeline

To mark the date well and share it with us:
- That event
- Lessons learned

Great life lessons we have had the opportunity to share

Hi Luis: I really like the milestones timeline idea! Nice way to celebrate personal and professional milestones!

Thanks for sharing the team building activities, Lori.

Lori -

these are wonderful ideas! In my last gig, we created a collage of Bitmoji images of our team and created laptop stickers, a bookmark and a postcard sized print of them. Even after finishing that gig, I can look at those and feel good about the camaraderie and fun we enjoyed!


Hi Lori!
Both are great. Really like #2. In a recent kickoff, when doing introductions, had everyone share their favorite snack. Simple, yes, but sparked lots of fun conversation!

Hello Lori,

Thank you for sharing! I love the rock idea as it is durable. I have done it before in a gathering but on paper where everyone in the group on tables gets to write on the paper a sentence of the person in their group. I still have my paper today and it has been just over 2 years already!

Words are powerful. Team building can be meaningful and the good results can last for a lifetime! Thanks for sharing your ideas, Kiron, Andrew and Debbie!

Great ideas. I created coffee mugs for virtual team members so why they video-conferenced with us, they could see their mug on the meeting room table, with their name on it, filled with their favorite beverage.

Hello Sante: The coffee mugs for virtual meetings is such a great idea. I love it!

Thanks Lori. It was such a small cost and made the virtual attendees really feel a part of the team and meetings. Worked a treat :-)

Lori, both suggestions are very positive yet simple. Love the rock. The album is great for long projects.

Have you considered doing the rock a year later?

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