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DA103 - A Customized 1-day DAD workshop

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One of our popular workshops is DA103  Disciplined Agile Delivery for Executives.  The workshop is not run from a preset agenda but rather one that is created by the class itself.  The format is:

  • One hour DAD overview
  • 15 minutes question brainstorming
  • 15 minutes topic identification
  • 5 hours of topics in priority order
  • 30 minutes wrap up
We may change the title of the workshop based on a recent experience.  A few months ago I facilitated the workshop in Belgium with Julian Holmes of Agile Mentors.  After brainstorming topics that the class was interested in, the workshop moved from being executive focused to one more for advanced agile practitioners.  Rather than spending too much time talking about agile governance and metrics, we explored advanced topics such as test-driven development and the subtleties of effective Product Ownership.

Shown below is the affinity diagram that drove the agenda for the day.  The workshop counts for credit towards DAD certifications.  For more information on DAD workshops contact a DAD Certified Instructor.

DA103 Exec brainstorming topics

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