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Geographically Distributed Agile Teams

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I recently wrote a detailed article summarizing my thoughts about Geographically Distributed Agile Teams.  The article addresses a series of questions that I suspect you’ll find interesting:

  1. What does it mean to be geographically distributed?
  2. Are agile teams geographically distributed in practice?
  3. How does geographic distribution relate to other scaling factors?
  4. What are the potential benefits of geographic distribution?
  5. What are the risks associated with geographic distribution?
  6. How do we address those risks?
  7. How do we organize a geographically distributed agile team?
  8. How does geographic distribution affect tooling?
  9. Is geographic distribution a good idea?
  10. Where do we start?
  11. What other resources exist?

I hope you enjoy the article.  Feedback is always welcome.

Posted by Scott Ambler on: October 08, 2014 02:46 PM | Permalink

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