The explosive growth of the Scrum franchise

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So as a follow up to my post on the McDonaldization of Scrum, some numbers I've just ran across seem to give credence to my idea that Scrum is becoming quite the franchise.

According to a post by Jeff Sutherland, co-founder of Scrum, he points out the explosive growth of Scrum job postings recently:

There are 451,176 Scrum job openings in the United States this morning and these new jobs are increasing at a rate of about 10,000 per month. After reading Waterfall to Agile, you might take a look at the Power of Scrum, attend a Certified Scrum Master training, and start interviewing for an agile position. Many people have told me it has changed their lives dramatically for the better.

This graph from Google insight, which captures the growth of search terms seems to indicate a geometric growth rate for Scrum since its inception back in 2001:


Just for kicks, here’s the growth of McDonald’s search terms from Google:


Striking how parallel the growth graph is!  This can indicate that it is a great time to jump on the top of this growth curve and "buy" into the Scrum franchise, or may indicate for those that are looking for the "next great thing" that it may have peaked.

But the same was said for McDonalds, especially when Subway surpassed them with the number of franchise locations, but they are still chugging along.  Food for thought, literally! :)

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