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Thank You For Supporting My Ride for Heart

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Ride for Heart Medal

On June 4th, 2017 I rode in the Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart event in Toronto.  Together we helped to raise $1,380 (not including any matching funds that occurred during two points during fund raising).  I would like to thank everyone who donated,  they’re acknowledged at the end of this blog, to this great cause.

This was my first year doing the ride and ignoring the horrible weather it was a lot of fun.  The temperature when I started out was 12C and it was pouring rain.  Ugh.  And as you’ll see in one of the pictures below I didn’t have proper rain gear for the ride as I normally don’t ride my bike in the rain (I’m a wimp).  Luckily I signed up for the 25K option, 50K and 75K were the other options.  Last week I had been regretting not signing up for 50K but then given the weather I’m glad I went for the short route.  Next year I’ll do 50K as that goes further up the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) which would be a great ride.

Some Pictures From the Ride

The race started at the Canadian National Exposition (CNE) grounds and we went East along the Gardiner Expressway (the Gardiner and the DVP, the two major highways into downtown Toronto, were closed for the day to allow the ride to occur).  In this picture you can see the Rogers Center (formerly the Skydome) on the left in the downtown core.  This was probably about 2KM into the ride at the time.  If you’re not familiar with Toronto, the Gardiner is a raised highway.

Ride for Heart Gardiner Expressway

This picture was taken around the 20 KM point in the ride.  I’m looking North up the Don Valley Parkway.  As you can see everyone was enjoying the weather, yeah, that’s it.

Ride for Heart DVP

Here I am, back on the Gardiner heading west back to the CNE grounds.  As you can see I was pretty much soaked through and not wearing gloves.  The night before I was going to go out and get some rain gear, but then talked myself out of it thinking that my “water resistant” jacket would suffice.  Great jacket but it was overwhelmed by the amount of rain.  Live and learn.  And I was wearing shorts, which was a good strategy as they got soaked and long pants would have been worse.

Ride for heart Toronto


I sincerely thank the following people for their generous donations: Karen Lewis, Andres Alarcon, Antonio Valle Salas, Mike Edwards, Robert Wen, James Densmore, David Wight, Kiron Bondale, Adriano Tavares, Timothy Morris, Glen Little, Jane McGrath, Loreen Ambler, Ron Favali, Olivier Gourment, Sheri Crawford, Terry Hamilton, Kristen Morton, Kevin Brennan, Mike Beedle, Chris Kolde, Renato Putini, Gregg Little, Ellen Grove, Carol McConnell, and Jennifer Yang.

As promised, we’ll be sending out signed copies of our forthcoming book “The Executive’s Guide to Disciplined Agile” to everyone who donated.  This should happen towards the end of July.

Looking forward to next year’s ride!


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