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Disciplined Agile Goes to India

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Mark and I are lucky enough to spend a few weeks in India this March.  In addition to speaking at Agile India 2019 we’ll also be running several Disciplined Agile workshops and a user group presentation one evening.  Here is our schedule in both Pune and Bengaluru.


  • March 16&17.  Workshop – Implementing Disciplined Agile Delivery.  Delivered by Mark Lines.  This is our new workshop that works through how to use the DA toolkit to choose and then evolve your way of working (WoW).  You’ll learn how to break out of “method prison” if you’ve hit the limits of Scrum or SAFe, and more importantly how to take an agile approach in an enterprise-class setting.  This isn’t “purist agile” but instead is pragmatic and agnostic.


If you’re based in India we hope you can make it out to one or more of these events.  If you have colleagues in India please pass this along to them as this may be a great chance for them to learn about DA from the source!

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