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Changes Coming to the Online Community!

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Important Updates

Change is in the air at PMI and within the online community!

Over the coming months will be undergoing a community transformation and we want to make sure you are up to date on the latest information while also giving you an opportunity to provide your feedback as we move through the process.

As part of this transformation we will be migrating our current community to a new community platform and making updates that ensure that we continue to deliver the experiences you love within the online community (active discussions, the ability to connect with like-minded individuals, access to resources and information), while using the feedback that you have offered us as input to enhancements that will make connecting with each other and the resources you need and want easier. And while there may be some interruption to your current experience as we get further along in the migration, we want you to be assured that any changes to that experience will be communicated in advance to the extent that we can, and that ultimately our goal is to support the features you currently use, while benefiting from new and exciting features that will be available to you as part of our new enhanced platform.

This is your community, so your input is important. We’ve already been speaking with a few of you to gain your insights on what will be meaningful to see in the future. And we want to make sure that we continue to hear from you. We are in the beginning stages of this work, but please stay tuned to this space for future updates and for ways that you may be able to get involved and lend your voice.

This is an exciting time for PMI’s online community and we hope you're as thrilled as we are about the possibilities of what's to come!

Stay tuned to The Critical Path blog for regular updates!

Posted by Marjorie Anderson on: February 21, 2020 09:48 AM | Permalink

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Dear Marjorie
Interesting this news that you just shared with us: "Changes Coming to the Online Community!"

I will follow the Critical Path blog closely to learn about these changes

Thanks for sharing


This is very exciting, thank you for the updates. I can't wait to see the new platform. Your efforts are much appreciated.


Thanks for the heads' up, Marjorie! Looking forward to seeing if the suggestions made by George, Andrew and I re: increasing collaboration are easier to implement in the new platform.

Are you looking at an existing product or will this be a build from scratch the way the current platform was built?


Thank you for keeping us informed, Marjorie. Looking forward to the new platform!

Had some of the same questions as Kiron. Regardless, amazing to hear! Could really take this community to some serious new heights :)

Thanks Marjorie on the heads up!

Thanks for the information. I hope you have consulted past discussions on the subject, there where many suggestions. I look forward to a new version of

Looking for the new platform. Love the idea that you reached out some members of this community to provide feedback.

Ready to embrace the change!

Hi, Will there be any change in the Webinar offerings for PDU's?

Hello all and thank you for your questions and support around the change!

Kiron - we're exploring a few different options that help us remain flexible with some customization, including out of the box community platforms. Stay tuned!

Vincent - not only are we looking at past feedback, but we're gathering feedback in real-time in different ways in order to find the common themes among needs of the community so that we can build toward that in the best way possible.

James - we're still working through content strategy but, for the foreseeable future, we still expect that you'll be able to get PDUs via webinars. If that ever changes, we'll let the community know!

Marjorie, Thanks for your responding back to me on my webinar question! You are terrific! Jim

Marjorie, Thanks for your responding back to me on my webinar question! You are terrific! Jim


Thanks for your feedback on the comments, we appreciate that. Keep us posted.

I am aware of the real-time feedback and its great. This is the best way to get some solid feedback.


Marjorie, Thanks for the heads up and looking forward to the transformed platform.

Majorie, glad to see you are looking at past suggestions and staying on the lookout in real-time.

I look forward to improved motivators for increased engagement.

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