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Moving Toward Ubiquitous Connectivity

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Moving Toward Ubiquitous Connectivity

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Based on a recent series of conversations, the theory, concepts, and technological development of ubiquitous connectivity is not widely known or understood.  It is a system of systems approach that seamlessly integrates the various modalities of communications and computing so that as you travel from location to location as well as device to system your connectivity, applications and data go with you. Some may think this is not that big of a deal.  However, done right it is.

Consider this ‘brain storming’ example that was recently crafted. You are driving home and your boss contacts you.  She has a question about some figured you published in your PowerPoint presentation. She has the presentation up on her laptop and its shared with you.  As your vehicle drives, the presentation is displayed on the screen in it. You pull into your garage and grab your communications device (next step beyond smartphones) and exit the vehicle.  The screen on the device is where you left off in the vehicle and your discussion continues.  You request detail and the spreadsheet used to calculate the data appears on the screens of both you and your boss.  As you walk into your home workspace, the desktop system activates and the communications and PowerPoint, and at this point Excel spreadsheet seamlessly transitions to it.  She requests a slight change - you make it and all versions of that document are automatically updated. She sees the updated version on her screen.

Consider the increased effectiveness and efficiency of such a system.  Not to mention the productivity value as well as the benefits of making sure everyone has the latest data/version! 

This is the integration of multiple emerging technologies at work!  I can't wait!!!


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Where do I order - WOW

This is impressive thought leadership without question.

We're not too far away, with technologies such as 5G, IoT, Cloud computing, RPA and soon Elon Musk's Starlink LEO Connectivity anywhere and everywhere..

And the chip they insert in you at birth tracks your every move, holds critical health data, and contains...well let's just say a little deterrent to diverging from the (mandated) social norms: a deterrent that can be detonated remotely should you not tow the line. Welcome to 2084!

The advancement of technology can't be stopped. I am not sure it can even be slowed down at this point. As you have talked about this before, we as professionals we must prepare, adapt and accept the changes that are beginning to come upon us. Efforts to resist these changes are a waste of time, energy and fall short of the term professional.

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