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This blog concerns itself with organizations moving to business agility—the quick realization of value predictably and sustainably, and with high quality. It includes all aspects of this—from the business stakeholders through ops and support. Topics will be far-reaching but will mostly discuss FLEX, Flow, Lean-Thinking, Lean-Management, Theory of Constraints, Systems Thinking, Test-First and Agile.

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As I’m finishing the portfolio & product management section of the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant workshop, several important messages become clear:

Why the MVP is the wrong artifact to use at scale. E Reis designed MVPs for semi-autonomous, cross-functional teams to discover what a new product should be & create it. They require short cycle times, without long range planning, so they can respond to what’s learned.

Why the MBI is the artifact to use at scale. MBIs define the next part of an initiative for which value can be realized. They provide guidance to create new product teams & coordination for existing teams.

How to use MVPs in large organizations. Large organizations should use MVPs for new products with semi-autonomous, self-organizing teams implementing them.

Portfolio & product management is needed at all scales. When framework designers only have these at large scale to avoid complexity, small orgs are faced with using a complex model or not having guidance on part of their value stream.

How the MBI simplifies portfolio & product management. Strategies->initiatives->MBIs/MVPs->realization of value is a simple model that can be used at all scales.

Detailed posts to follow both here and on the Disciplined Agile Linkedin group where I'll be spending more time on detailed discussions. 

Note: MBIs (Minimum business increments) are the most important concept I've used in Agile at scale. Here's an article on them.

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