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The Characteristics of the Artifact to Use at Scale to Guide Manifestation of Value

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Creating and deploying functionality to existing products in large organizations requires multiple teams to coordinate with each other in order to minimize delays in workflows both within and across these teams. The backlog item used by these teams must be designed to accommodate this. These must:

  • be the minimum size that can be deployed while providing value in a manner consistent with the needs of customers and the business
  • describe the overall behavior desired
  • identify the capabilities needed to build and deploy them
  • represent the next increment of an initiative to be deployed (this enables step-wise manifestation of the organization’s strategy)
  • be able to be sequenced according to the value delivered and the cost/time of creating it

DA calls this the Minimum Business Increment (MBI).

Whereas the MVP is about discovering what product would be of value, the MBI provides the next chunk of value for an initiative to be deployed. MVPs are discovered and created by a team. They start small and expand. MBIs are focus on the next incremental value to be built while being used to coordinate multiple parts of the organization to get it deployed quickly.

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Hi Al, I agree with you generally.
I can only give has example my company, due to the nature of the products ( self-service finance machines) all teams of the several departments must participate in the creation of the MVP ( the minimum value product that the client accepts) and then after creation and release of the Product we use the terms MBI to release valuable increments to the business again involving all teams in a coordinated effort.

The particularity of the MBI is that must pass in two quality processes , our process of quality and because is a financial product must pass also in a process of quality Certification performed by the customer.

This several times is a challenge and create bottlenecks, because we are more advance in deliverables (MBI) than the customer is prepared to accept.


good discussion! I get MVP & MBI. I am an old school developer...pretty much what I want to know when I get up in the morning is 'What do I build today / What value do deliver today' and I like simple answers...:).

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