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Situation: You're compiling a project status report and need a quick audit of what you're doing.

Project Headway tasks offer a lot of guidance in managing your projects.  One popular feature of the process is "Questions you ask of yourself and others" within each task in the process. Compile Project Status Reports guides you through compiling status reports for your project.  These are the questions we've come up with for that task.  Please let us know if you feel they are helpful and/or what's missing.

When compiling status reports, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a status report template that can be provided to all team leads?
  • How could you ensure each team lead understands how they are supposed to complete the status report?
  • Is there a schedule in place to review status reports?
  • Given the length of the project, how often should reports be required to be handed in? 
    • Weekly?
    • Bi-weekly?
    • Monthly?
  • How will you track your team leads to ensure their status reports are being handed in and are complete?
  • Have you created an agenda for your status meetings?
  • Who on your team could take the minutes in your status meetings?

Ask a trusted colleague or key project team members the same questions. 

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To my knowledge and practices we have been following so far , It is pretty important to look out what our objectives were set for the week , how much we have accomplished and how much is currently in progress. Also what is our plan for the next week .

Most importantly this artefact should be circulated to all the relevant stakeholders to keep monitoring and control to execution of the activities and facilitate / escalate the issues /roadblocks to a graceful resolution.

Communication is the essence I believe in this entire exercise .

Could you please tell me when and who the notion of PM2.0 was first presented?
I am writing an review on PM2.0.Thanks a lot.

Status reports usually can be rather simple:
1. Accomplishments since last report.
2. Issues and changes.
3. Cost compared to plan.
4. Schedule compared to plan.

One might change some of things for an agile project, but those are the basics.

Kenneth , Extending to your post , just would like to have your take on this If a long with Cost and Schedule indicator lights , how about measuring quality of the product .

A different set of KPI can be set depending upon what Project Phase you are in i.e. Pre Deployment / Commissioning and Post Deployment.

This seems to be a nice KPI to have it in the report , what do you say ?

Usually, the answers to this questions are in communication plan and in stakeholders register. You only need to maintain up to date this two documents.

This will be quite useful to me.
Thanks for sharing.

We've done a lot of work in the status area. Check out this work in process for some fresh ideas based on "Irritating Research"! Agile especially can use many of these techniques.

Status reports can easily become a routine and no-value exercise, more used to tick the boxes than to actually communicate effectively.

My question, to avoid this, is "If things go seriously wrong before the next status report, what will people complain that i hadn't told them at this point?"

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