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The Victory Over Difficulty Report

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The Victory Over Difficulty Report

The Victory Over Difficulty Report

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This article is to share the summary of the article issued (FREE) by the Robin Sharma to all amid COVID19 battle either in Malaysia or around the globe. The advice is very much benefit to all of us in current situation, how we rise again after this crisis, how we deal with ourself, how we deal with the people surround us. In my personal opinion, step by step guidance very systematic and suitable to adopt in our daily life to be a successful person or leaders.

What you need to do to turn fear info fuel and the mess into mastery ( 5 points);

1. Maintain perspective : The disorder will eventually dissolve.

2. Focus on the benefits: Concentrated on the benefits the adversity into lives.

3. Insulate your optimism : No matter what happens to us, we each can choose our response.

4. See the lockdown as a laboratory: Ability to "capitalize" on whatever potential we were born into.

5. Keep imagining your brighter future: When in darkness, it is seeking the light at the end of the tunnel.

The great heroes of history ran similar daily routines that helped them rise in good times. And win in hard ones ( 5 points);

1. Start your mornings well: An optimized morning routine is the mother of all superb habits.

2. Apply The 60 minutes Student Strategy: Sleep not until you've studied for an hour during the day.

3. Do your second Wind Workout [2WW]: In doing so, you'll get a second wind.

4. Take a nap: Rest is not luxury. It's a necessity. For elite performance.

5. Implement a strong pre-sleep ritual: A key to a remarkable morning routine is an excellent nighttime regime.

I hope everyone will benefit from this article as I did. It is a quick step by step guidelines for us to do to face this challenging times. Stay safe everyone and happy reading the article. Share with others as well.

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Very interesting article, thanks for sharing

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