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The People Part of P,P,P&P

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Normally the focus of this blog is on Sustainability.  Sustainability can be thought of in terms of its components: lasting economic benefit, lasting social benefit, and lasting ecological benefit - or at least minimizing negative impacts to the so-called Triple Bottom Line of economic, social, and ecological measures.

This short post focuses on the first P of P, P, P & P - People.  Not just any people, though - project managers in particular, and project managers who are in an otherworldly COVID-19 world right now.  Together.

Many of them are "projectless" - their projects are on hold. 

Some are busier than ever.

Either way, 56 of them got together under a 21-day challenge issued by Peter Taylor, the unlazy Lazy Project Manager, to write a book providing insight and hopefully inspiration during this otherworldly time.  And, speaking of 'world', the authors hail from 20 different countries.

It's already published and available on Amazon.

For a worldwide perspective of the human side of project management as viewed by a spectrum of different project managers, check it out.

Disclaimer: I get no benefit from the sale of this book - I just think it's worth reading!

Posted by Richard Maltzman on: May 15, 2020 10:04 AM | Permalink

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