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What is Value?

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What is Value?

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I am doing research for a book. I have been talking with various executives about value and what value they expect from a PMO. A common theme is "soft value" is of no value to me. What I am hearing is that executives are rejecting or severely discounting soft value claims like projected labor savings and potential cost savings due to increased efficiency. When asked why, the typical response is that these value claims rarely come to fruition. Secondly, they are only real if you actually eliminate a FTE. Most companies are already operating with the minimum number of FTEs now.

What executives want is measurable value, such as increase in revenue, real decrease in costs, to become more competitive, to increase market share, etc. They expect their PMOs to be an active contributor to these values.

What are your thoughts?

Posted on: March 19, 2013 09:29 AM | Permalink

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What I believe is there is no value which cannot be measured. Any value which can be measured cannot always be treated as hard value. There are soft values which are important but may bot be tangible, still they should be measured on some scale like Likert.

The value of things is subjective. The first thing you must find are assets, ie elements that are important for organizations, then they should be able to quantify in money, then prioritize, and thus understand that the value of the activities, assets in organizations

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