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What tool do I use for tracking a project budget? [Video]

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What tool do I use for tracking a project budget? [Video]

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If I had a pound for every time someone asked me what tool I use for tracking my project budget…

Unfortunately, it’s one of those questions where the answer isn’t as clear cut as you might hope. In this video I talk through the challenge of choosing a tool and there’s a teeny rant about why ultimately it doesn’t much matter as long as you get on with tracking somehow and just make a decision!

What tool do you use to track your project budget? Let us know in the comments section!

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Posted on: June 25, 2020 12:00 AM | Permalink

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Very interesting., thanks for sharing

Many thanks. Very informative.

So yes, in my case MS Excel... Thanks for sharing!

It's very interesting, as a new PM I'm always wondering if there is some "magic" tool out there that can solve my tracking/monitoring needs, but it never fails that I just fall on Microsoft Excel. That way I can just build exactly what I need within my organization.

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