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Is it “bashing”, “criticism”, or “negative feedback”?

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These are different:

  • bashing is disparaging something with the intention of making it look bad
  • criticism is expression of disapproval & involves judgement
  • negative feedback is the reporting of a perceived deficiency

All of these are emotionally uncomfortable. Many automatically defend themselves by discussing the person giving the comments and not the issues. This is done by stating:

  • the person giving the feedback doesn't understand what they are commenting on
  • has bad motivations
  • they are a "basher"

A better way to take feedback you don't like is:

  • first note if you feel attacked, maybe that's not what's happening
  • then, If you don’t think you have this problem, ask the person giving it why they think you do
  • ask if there’s a solution to this perceived problem

Always discuss the issues, not the person giving the feedback. Neither party benefits otherwise.

Be aware that if you're tired of someone giving negative feedback but have never engaged with them about what they perceive to be a problem, they may be tired of you not attending to the problem.

Finally, remember “It is hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it” – Upton Sinclair

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