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Al Shalloway - How do you advise clients on where to start? (referring to Scrum or something else)

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Al Shalloway - How do you advise clients on where to start? (referring to Scrum or something else)

A few years ago I put together this guide

Disciplined Agile Scrum Master workshop teaches basic Agile and has a variety of goals, each with a few decision points and each has a few options. So it's straightforward to grow your own team framework. But you can also just take defaults - there is an Agile (Scrum like) life cycle predefined.

A quick view is to decide on whether a cross-functional team is available (virtually always good if are) and whether you should do sprints or flow. Sprints are usually a good start for new teams, but not always.

But you should always add a little ATDD (at least level 0)

and expand on Scrum's empiricism by basing your approach on Lean and Flow so you can take a scientific approach.

Note that the choosing your way of working to start can be used to transcend whatever you start. Scrum forces you to stick with Scrum - not necessarily with what works. Not knowing how to choose your practices is, btw, one of the main causes of ScrumBut.

You'll find our old support pages useful as well

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Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

Al, I expect this discussion of ATDD maturity levels to help quite a bit. Not many in the team are agile-familiar, and being able talk about our model development and level 0 helps

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