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What do a new line of doll kits for kids, a mental health care app, and a rehabilitation center in China have in common? They are all innovations inspired and developed with inclusion as their guiding force.

In the latest digital exclusive from PM Network, you can learn about four projects that committed to inclusive design, from planning to user engagement to final outcome. What is inclusive design? Kat Holmes, author of Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design, says her favorite definition of inclusive design is “creating a diversity of ways for people to participate in a shared experience with a sense of belonging in that experience.”

What's it look like in the world of projects?

>> In China, a $153 million rehabilitation center, set to open in 2023, will provide services to people with disabilities aged 16 to 60, including recreation, art events and education. An Italian architecture firm is using therapeutic green spaces throughout the complex, which will connect directly to a light mobility system.

>> For marginalized people and intersectional communities, finding a therapist who can relate to their needs can be challenging. A new app called Ayana uses a questionnaire and algorithm to connect users to licensed therapists of similar values and backgrounds, including gender, ethnicity and orientation. The Los Angeles-based team built in end-to-end protocols to protect patient privacy and is seeking partnerships with nonprofits to make the app free for those who can’t afford it.

>> “Toys are a reflection of culture and as the world continues to celebrate the positive impact of inclusivity, we felt it was time to create a doll line free of labels,” says Kim Culmone, a senior vice president at Mattel, which launched Creatable World, the world’s first gender-inclusive doll kits, a year ago.

Four months later, the company expanded the line to include dolls without hair, with the skin condition vitiligo and with prosthetic limbs. Throughout development, Mattel consulted with physicians, experts in gender identity, and children who identify as transgender, gender nonbinary or gender fluid.

That kind of empathy-based, user-focused feedback is “inclusion in action” in the world of project management. And it’s a rock-solid guiding principle for any project to follow.

Posted by Aaron Smith on: September 15, 2020 04:04 PM | Permalink

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Thanks for sharing, very interesting

Thanks Aaron, It's important when inclusiveness is integrated in our project designs....

Thank you for sharing your insights

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