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What does done look like? - Project World Collectable Card #6

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Bas de Baar is a Dutch visual facilitator, creating visual tools for dialogue. He is dedicated to improve the dialogue we use to make sense of change. As The Project Shrink, this is the riddle he tries to solve: “If you are a Project Manager that operates for a short period of time in a foreign organization, with a global team you don’t know, in a domain you would not know, using virtual communication, high uncertainty, limited authority and part of what you do out in the open on the Internet, how do you make it all work?”

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Card number 6 in my series of 16 Project World Collectable Cards is titled 'What does "done' look like?" 


What does 'done' look like?

The reason why your project exists, is because it has to fulfil a goal, create an end result. The organization has a challenge to conquer or an opportunity to take advantage of. The goal of your project is a powerful mechanism for alignment. Everyone is working towards the same result.

But first you have to make sure we all have the same understanding of what “done” looks like.

The questions you ask yourself and your team are:

  • What does “done” look like?
  • When we are finished, what will be different in our world? Or organization?


Location of this card on the overall map:

I am creating the most awesome poster that ever existed about projects. I started to make cards about different things you do in projects. There are a total of 16 that together make an incredible poster. You know, to put something on your wall. To have something to talk about.

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Bas de Baar is a writer who draws about people in transition. He loves to make visual maps and travel guides for the collaborators of our brave new world.
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