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The PMI is filling a missing gap this week – the Sr Scrum Master

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The PMI is filling a missing gap this week – the Sr Scrum Master

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Most teams using Scrum today are doing a combination of working with other teams to enhance existing products. This is a far cry from Scrum’s intent as a framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products for a single team.

How teams are supposed to work together is somewhat ignored. The attitude of “figure it out based on trust” may be great for some organizations but this has failed in the test of the real world. Agile approaches must not just say “do this or you won’t be effective-and, btw, don’t blame us if you don’t do what we say.” They must provide the guidance required for the truly complex problem of team coordination. This is not something to be discovered by the team via “inspect and adapt” or “fail fast.”

What’s been missing is the role of the Senior Scrum Master. This is a person who understands how Scrum teams need to work together. Not in the idealized state of where everybody has Agile values, but in the real world. PMI’s Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master certification fills this role. It takes a systems-thinking approach while showing how theories of Flow and Lean can guide teams working in effective ways. We’re running pilots for it this week. See for more.


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I understand there will be two roles: SM and Senior SM ?

By the way, today is the launch event of the 2020 Scrum Guide. Some interesting changes.


Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

Well both the roles should be clearly defined, differentiating within SCRUM would be a challenge though but corporate ladder within the Organizational charts would provide ideal structure.

You could grab a copy of latest SCRUM Guide at the below URL:


The DA Sr SM is a new capability - not a new role. The DA SSM is someone with deep experience in DA Scrum which includes how to coordinate multiple teams with some basic Lean and Flow.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks and thank you for sharing

Dear Al
Another pot to fill?
The organizational model proposed (imagined) by PMI how many levels does it have? 6? 7? 8?

this is a capability, not a level.
Instead of cynisism I'd appreciate a comment on one of the following:
1) why this isn't a gap
2) why it's already filled
3) how this isn't filling a need thing.

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