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Do You Trust the Data?

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Virtually all data presented today is biased towards the presenter’s agenda.

This bias manifests in selective data, convenient data contexts, opinion masquerading as data and narrative delivered as objective fact.

Which is a major problem when you need to make a decision based on that data.

Helping people make good decisions is the central thrust of ethical influence, and biased data does not qualify as ethical influence in my book.

While the intent may be pure, the method is anything but.


Because if people agree with the agenda of the presenter, they are doing so with incomplete information, and that is certainly not the way I wish to be influenced. I want to be helped to make a the right decision, but I will not be hoodwinked into it.

What do you think?

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Posted on: November 20, 2020 04:12 AM | Permalink

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I agree with you that every Presenter will have certain bias throughout the data lifecycle. This is because every Presenter's perspective is unique.

But I also want to add here, that it is up to the Consumer of the presentation to be able to derive insights from the Presenter and review them independently before arriving at any decision. This requires a certain amount of maturity and comes with experience, though not to all :)

That's the sad reality. Biased data just to score a point against every ethical value

THanks for sharing

Dear Colin Gautrey
Very interesting this topic
This moment is pertinent for a reflection of this nature
I am convinced that the data is used for specific purposes

Well to promote ethical influence the presenter should curb, cleanse the data & try to stick to the facts rather than opinions by following standard practices.
Also, it’s the responsibility of the audience to verify & cross check the information being presented.


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