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The lack of Systemic and Holistic Thinking in Agile

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The lack of Systemic and Holistic Thinking in Agile

Someone posted this:

I Didn't Get The Memo....

Did anyone receive a memo that calls for the suspension of #systemic or #holisticthinking, where outcomes and actions in our system are now independent of other outcomes and actions?
This was my response

It didn't come in the form of a memo, it comes in the form of describing frameworks in a way that is not holistic and systems thinking oriented. This perspective ends up having people not taking an holistic or systems thinking view.

Frameworks by their nature - focus on
some parts. Plus, most focus on the team and then how to expand it. An holistic
approach would focus on the entire organization and while including how the
teams fit in (see Challenging the Assumption That One Must Get Teams to Work

Also, a focus on the framework and not the work itself leads to non-systemic thinking. See:

In a nutshell from Emerson – “what you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say”


I loved this response as well: Probably you don't need a memo for the suspension of something that almost never existed.

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Thanks for share!

Thank you Al, I'm going through this holistic approach at the moment designing a program. That demands a system view and I think that perspective facilitates what you wrote here.

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