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Considering the pace for adoption

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Considering the pace for adoption

The lack of Systemic and Holistic Thinking in Agile

One of many "emperor has no clothes" factors in the Agile world is that our most popular methods don't suggest an Agile manner of adoption. Scrum's "just do it" & SAFe's "all in all the way" both have you just jump to their solution w/neither a transition path nor any real insights on how to do it

There are two significant challenges to this. The first is the lack of transition to the practices can cause confusion and resistance. For example if you don't have cross-functional teams or ARTs, it may take a few steps to get there. Without guidance, teams and organizations may never get to where they need to be. 

More significant, however, is the mental aspect of making the adoption, which is basically ignored. This is exacerbated by the large # of adoptions where people are told to do Scrum or SAFe. In the same way there is no one size fits all solution, there is no one size fits all adoption path.

Here are some factors to consider:
1) perceived safety
2) level of siloing present
3) bonus programs that encourage people to expand their # of direct reports
4) degree of micro-management
5) level of respect by managers for their people
6) pressure from the C-suite to get things done
7) degree of overwork
8) level of technical debt


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