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Disciplined Agile FLEX Engagement Pre-Planning

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Disciplined Agile FLEX Engagement Pre-Planning

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The DA FLEX Engagement Pre-planning takes several factors into account to provide a DA Value Stream Consultant a suggested improvement backlog. The core factors used are:

  1. Assessment for the three dozen potential improvement items in the full playbook which is used to identifying candidates for improvement
  2. The scope of what can be worked on based on the sponsorship level
  3. The order in which the improvements should be attempted based based on the theories of Flow and ToC. Identify those items which can be deferred
  4. Limit the backlog to those items that the company is ready for and are unlikely to resist
  5. A list of options for each of the suggested improvement actions

The DA FLEX Engagement Pre-Planning not only provides a suggested playbook, it allows for overrides to enable further customization.

While no pre-planning checklist is perfect, consider how other systems don’t even attempt this and provide little customization in objectives. Few options for each of these objectives are given.

Providing few choices does not make things simpler, it makes things not fit for purpose.

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@Al, I like this quick summary of engagement pre-planning with sponsors. It reminds me of a process improvement my organization did that worked to the point of highlighting where the supply chain enterprise could not 'source' and 'make' the components we regularly needed quickly.

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