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In an important step for PMI’s digital community transformation, all community members will access with their account credentials going forward. There will no longer be a separate and login, simplifying access across sites. With this change, the option to access the online community with your or Facebook credentials will be sunset.

Beginning 18 February 2021, when you click Login on, you will be directed to the login screen. Once you have entered your username or email and your password, you will be brought back to

Prior to this change, many community members already had a account; please utilize your existing credentials to login to For those users who did not create a account and/or link an existing account to their account, you will need to set a new password and security question the next time that you attempt to access An email will be sent to any affected users on February 18th.  

We are excited for what the future holds for PMI’s online community and look forward to hearing your feedback, as the new community experience evolves! Please see below for answers to potential questions arising from this update. If you are in need of further assistance, please reach out to [email protected]

FAQ – Can I login utilizing my email address instead of username?

Yes, you may utilize your email address or username to login.  

FAQ – Why do I now have a PMI account?

This action was taken in preparation for PMI’s upcoming community transformation. The new community experience will be fully integrated with, eventually allowing you to manage and update your profile in a single location. For that reason, a account has been created for users who had not yet created an account and/or linked an existing account to their account. Going forward, all community members will access using their PMI account credentials.

FAQ – Why do I need to set a new password?

Only users who did not have a account previously need to set a new password; affected users will be prompted to do so the first time that they attempt to access following the change to the login. Going forward, you will access with your PMI account credentials, rather than a separate login.

FAQ – I am attempting to set my password, but I cannot locate the email to verify my email address and finish setting a password. Could you please resend the email?

Password reset is only relevant to community members who did not previously have a account. To trigger a verification email to your email address, please attempt to Login to Go to, and click Login. Enter your username or email address and any password, and click Log In. This will send the email to the email address that is on file for your account; please check any spam folders if the email is not showing up in your Inbox. Open the email, and click the link to set your new password and the answer to a security question. Going forward, you will access with these PMI account credentials. If an outdated email address is reflected on your account, please note that the email address can be updated by Customer Care.

FAQ – What are the implications of having a account?

You will now access using your PMI account credentials, simplifying login across PMI’s sites. The upcoming community experience will be fully integrated with, eventually allowing you to manage and update your profile in a single location. More information to come!



Posted by Laura Schofield on: February 16, 2021 03:34 PM | Permalink

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Thanks for the update. Couple of questions:

1) When I log into my PMI account now, I can see a new interface but I can't access many things like my orders, DASSM Certificate and others. When will the transformation be complete / we can have access to everything ? By the way, this didn't change for all members but for some of us only as it seems PMI are in beta testing of this if I am not mistaken ?

2) When with the community transform fully to the new experiece (i.e. do you have a set date?)

Thanks in advance.


Hi Rami - Regarding your first question, I believe that this is related to the myPMI redesign on which is a separate initiative. I have reached out to a colleague, and he has informed me that there are some known issues that the team is working to resolve as soon as possible. You should be seeing micro credentials by the end of the week.

The change on Feb 18th solely affects the login. As of Thursday, all community members will use their credentials to access; there will no longer be a separate login or Facebook login.

We do not yet have a set date for the community transformation. We’ll be updating community members here as more information becomes available! Stay tuned!

Hi Laura, many thanks for your detailed feedback. Well noted and much appreciated.

One login to rule them all, one username to find them, One login to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them - thanks Laura!

Hi Laura, thinking about this customer experience standpoint. Does the term "community" relate to a specific platform? Thank you.

Hi Darren - we've largely been approaching Community as an experience. However, is PMI's current home for online community; this experience will be evolving over the coming months.

Wow, this is going to be a great experience... Thanks PMI

Dear Laura
Thanks for sharing
Dear Kiron
Now you made me laugh :-)

Thank you for the info. Very useful.

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