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A few months ago, I shifted the main focus of my writing on this blog from "what we do", to how we come forward as human beings when practicing our craftwho we are.

I marked this change in emphasis with the release of two core series—Character and Presence and Cultivating Your Character—that I consider the center of gravity for the who we are perspective. I then asked several practitioners whom I respect to write guest posts about how they relate to these two series.

I have compiled the two series, the reflections of two master change practitioners, and my answers to questions on character and presence into a document that I am now making available as a free download. Click here to obtain your copy.

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Fantastic - you read my mind! I was using the quiet Xmas period to catch up on some posts here over the past year, and was thinking "wouldn't it be useful if this guy gathered all his together in one document" - and here it is!

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