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How to ask for additional PMO staff [Video]

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additional pmo staff

As your PMO grows in size and responsibility, you’re going to need to get more people to work in it. That can be quite a hard sell, as it’s often difficult to explain what the PMO does and justify the value it brings, let alone secure the funding for an additional role (or two).

In this video I share ideas for how to put together a successful proposal for securing project management office resources as your team gets bigger. Top tip: use statistics and evidence where you can to show that the remit of the PMO is expanding and that can justify the extra person to support the additional workload.

Tell me in the comments: how many people are in your PMO? Is it easy to get funding for additional resources or are you stuck at a certain team size because of an inaccurate perception about what the PMO does? I’d love to hear!

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additional pmo staff video

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