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2 unexpected benefits of risk management [Video]

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risk management

The risk management process is helpful for more than simply sorting out your risks and stopping potential problems (and, I know, capitalising on the positive risks). Did you know it also contributes to managing expectations and dealing with a culture where talking about bad news has everyone running for the hills?

In this video I explore the hidden benefits of risk management and how it can help you keep everyone on the same page. Plus, we talk about how sharing risk info can contribute to a positive workplace culture where it’s OK to bring up worries and concerns.

There’s more in the video.

What do you think about this? What other hidden benefits of risk management have you seen while working on projects? I’m sure there are more unforeseen positives to holding risk workshops and talking about risk with the wider team! Let me know in the comments.

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That was a good video, thank-you. I especially liked the focus on communication and perception.

the Risk Management process can avoid misunderstandings and allow to team members to share "bad news" who would otherwise not share risks until they have turned an issue

Thanks Elizabeth for bringing this up, These two, managing expectations and dealing with a culture where talking about bad news has everyone running for the hills

Good video. I agree that you should be aware that things could go wrong and not hide what happened, but be prepared to react to it.

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