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Smart Tips for a Stronger Virtual Connection

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PMI’s final Virtual Experience Series event for 2021 is fast approaching. This two-day event promises to deliver the engaging speakers and sessions you need to navigate the shifting landscape of today’s world of work. Here are a few great tips for getting the most out of this virtual experience, and others like it.

On 6-7 October, our global community will gather virtually to engage in live presentations, interactive sessions and networking at PMI’s Virtual Experience Series. Highlights will include award-winning chef and restauranteur Marcus Samuelsson, entrepreneur Peter Hinssen and Time Magazine’s 2020 Kid of the Year Gitanjali Rao discussing issues of global impact and how to meet new challenges with new solutions.  But perhaps one of the biggest event draws is the opportunity for human connection, made possible by pushing through physical boundaries and onto a cloud-based video conferencing platform.

Even as life starts to return to normal, virtual events will likely remain in some capacity. But how can we make the most of these opportunities that have been presented to us? Before you log in to the October Virtual Experience Series, or any other virtual event, make sure you are ready to be fully engaged.

For example, start by stepping away from your everyday work routine, and treating the event as something special… because it is! Set up your space so that you can be fully immersed in the event as you would be if you were in there in person. Another idea is do some prep work in advance of the event. Research the topics and discussions to pinpoint where you want to focus. And make sure you can avoid technical difficulties by ensuring your connection is ready to go.

For more smart tips on creating a stronger virtual connection, check out Make the Most Out of Virtual Events. Then, put these tips into practice by registering to attend PMI’s upcoming Virtual Experience Series. Reserve your spot today!

Posted by Deryn Zakielarz on: September 23, 2021 09:42 AM | Permalink

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Dear Deryn
We're all looking forward to the 6th and 7th coming and we can get the most out of those two days.
Thank you for the tips

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