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I just stepped out of Bill Richardson's session at the PMI GC, called "The Power of Promise:What Every Project Manager Need to Know About Personal Branding". It was a great session because it was less about "why you should do it" and more about "how".

He began by describing what your personal brand looks like and walking you through each component. Here are the five things you need to know about your personal brand. For the sake of brevity I'm just listing the elements out here, but if you take a moment to think about each one - I think you'll get a lot out of it.

1. It all begins with a unique promise of value. What do you bring to the world that no one else does?

2. There are 3 aspects of your brand:

  • Capability (Mindset, skill set and tool set)
  • Character (beleifs, traits and values)
  • Commitment (learning, mastery, and growth)

3. These imply questions that you should understand the answers to:

  • What are you known for?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What are you capable of?

The answers here can be positive or negative, but you should know what they are.

4. These then map to your Conviction, Potential, and Reputation. These are the outer layer that people see most.

5. Your brand is a promise of value and it's an asset [that you must care for and cultivate].


So what do you do with that?

You begin by writing down your Brand Profile, which looks like this:

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Needs
  4. Values
  5. Interests and passion
  6. Strengths
  7. Personality attributes
  8. Goals
  9. Unique Promise of value
  10. Brand Statement


Then You Grow Your Brand

- Focus narrow and deep (making yourself more "special")

- No failure, just feedback (view your experiences this way)


And Protect Your Brand

- Confront Reality

- know Your KPIs

- Adapt or Die


Finally Promote Your Brand

- Share What You Know

- Pay Attention to What People Value and Need

- Express Yourself

- Deliver Change that Works


He closed the session with a really great statement, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." So once you've established a brand and are passionate about it - let people know how much you care and they will too.

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V.Nice Dave :-) "Small Streams of Caring Becomes a River of Love"
People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. what he said is v.true

You're an Excellent like!

Best Wishes,

I guess Branding is the new topic of focus. Yesterday I listened to a webinar presented by the PMI Information Systems Community of Practice on being branded for success.

I've never seen branding presented so concisely (maybe I'm a bit late); however, the illustration and breakdown of the process was instantly clear.

'No failure, just feedback' - very useful statement for project management overall, not just branding!

I think the issue is that we (by which I mean the PM community) see "Branding" as something that just isn't us. It sounds like something outside of what we do, too fluffy and lacking definition, just doesn't fit into our nice neat world of process and templates.

Which is why this article is so good, showing that it isn't vapourware, but something solid, define-able, plan-able, and executable. Thank you!

Lot of Information in that

Happy New Year 2014!


Good factors and are really important. Thank you for the share.

Interesting to see KPIs included in this list. Are you thinking KPIs for one's own career? That's a novel idea that I haven't seen before.

I really like your post, but would like to see more "meat." I would be interested to read how you've applied this process and thinking in your personal brand. Also, I've never been clear on the difference between a mission and vision statement. I'd be curious how those differ from a unique promise of value. It all makes sense in a theoretical sort of way, but nothing specific comes to mind, so an example would be wonderful.

Maybe you would consider a followup article exploring those topics and how you apply them, or how you've seen others apply them?

Thanks very much Michael. Basically the vision describes an optimal future state. It's what you are shooting for long-term. The mission describes your purpose in the present - sort of the standard you try to live to day to day. For me personally - my vision has to do with transforming this web site into a resource that the majority of Project Managers in the world rely on a daily basis to make their lives easier. Right now I think that''s more of a weekly or every few days experience, but with some of the capabilities we have coming we are hoping for something more like daily or hourly engagement. My personal mission mirrors that of this site as well - "help Project Managers be Successful". Again, that''s what I try to do every day in different ways. In the end I hope that people know what I stand for (reputation), understand what it means to me (conviction) and see this platform as an enabler to make that happen (potential). So that''s my "unique promise of delivery". Does that make sense?

It's a great topic for moving from traditional project management (Control & Monitor Cost, Time, Quality and Risk) to more leadership aspect of project delivery.

It's a great topic for moving from traditional project management (Control & Monitor Cost, Time, Quality and Risk) to more leadership aspect of project delivery.

Dave, thank you for writing this article. It is a great reminder about everything we need to consider when it comes to our personal brand. I love the quote at the end, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Thank you for sharing.

Excellent framework for personal brand development - Thank You!

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