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According to the recently released 2014 PMI Pulse of the Profession report, only 63% of projects have active sponsors. However, Active Project Sponsorship was again listed as the TOP DRIVER for project success.

Just in case you are having some issues (or just want to tune things up), here are a few resources on the site that could help:

Pulse of the Profession Graphic

  • Peter Taylor's blog post "The Campaign for Real Sponsors", gives you a list of job responsibilities for Project Sponsors. You can easily use this list to do a quick gap analysis, then politely suggest changes to your Sponsor.
  • If you want to dive a little deeper, our Sponsor & Change Agent Toolkit gives you a number of awesome resources to help transform your Sponsor into a Change Agent. That helps you AND could help further their career. Bringing them this toolkit might score you some serious brownie points!
  • There's also quite a bit of practical insight in the Enroll Sponsor section of Project Headway (our PM Process), including questions you would ask yourself when identifying your sponsor in the first place.

Best of luck and may you have better sponsorship than a European soccer player.

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There has been a follow up to Peter Taylor's blog post of 2011. Peter and I, along with Ron Rosenhead, authored Strategies for Project Sponsorship. This was published by Management Concepts Press in April 2013. Please visit our website at for more information and reviews. There are also many links to articles and podcasts on the subject.

Very good analysis and the number is not so easy to digest. However that's the challenge now.

I've read Vicki's book and it's very good. Active sponsorship is so important but while we put a lot of effort into training project managers, there's very little effort going into training senior managers in how to be good sponsors.

Great points addressed

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