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8 More Templates to Save You Time

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Happy April and thank you again for being Members of the ProjectManagement.com community!

This month, in addition to our usual template release, we are including 4 NEW templates from our friends at PMI as well as 2 of our own new templates!

Download these quick before they're back in the PREMIUM library! These are all examples of premium content available 24/7 to our Premium Members. However,they are free to every registered member through Thursday, April 17th. We hope these make your life a bit easier – helping us fulfill our mission of making YOU more successful. If you are not already a Premium Plus member but would like to be, Premium Plus membership is available at a $50 discount using the code "KEEP50".

The following premium templates are available to all ProjectManagement.com members until 4/17. We hope you find them useful. 

Human Resource Management Plan (NEW THIS MONTH FROM PMI!)
Have you assigned all of the roles and responsibilities for your team? Decided authority levels for various managers? Detailed the organizational structure? Those are just a few of the vital tasks that this plan will help you record. 

The Milestone List defines all the project milestones and describes the nature of each one. It may categorize the milestone as optional or mandatory, internal or external, interim or final, or in any other way that supports the needs of the project. 

Probability and Impact Assessment (NEW THIS MONTH FROM PMI!)
The Probability and Impact Assessment form contains narrative descriptions of the likelihood of events occurring and the impact on the various project objectives if they do occur. It also has a key to assign an overall risk rating based on the probability and impact scores. If a Risk Management Plan is used, this information will become part of that plan. 

Duration Estimating Worksheet (NEW THIS MONTH FROM PMI!)
A duration estimating worksheet can help to develop duration estimates when quantitative methods are used. This PREMIUM DELIVERABLE template will help you keep track of parametric estimates, analogous estimates and three-point estimates. 

Communications Plan Log (NEW THIS MONTH!)
Communication is one of the most critical success factors on a project and a strong communication plan will go a long way towards creating a structure of effective communication with all stakeholders. This template provides some basic fields common to all plans but also helps identify each stakeholder’s specific needs. 

Assumptions Log (NEW THIS MONTH!)
For a project to proceed, it is inevitable that assumptions are made. Without them, the project would grind to a halt until all uncertainty was removed. However, in many cases assumptions are made without any further attempt to confirm or correct those assumptions; this can lead to significant downstream project execution difficulties. This template is intended to help capture and track assumptions and the work being done to validate them. 

Design Milestones Review Checklists
This Design Milestones Review Checklist contains four worksheets: Design Milestones, High-Level Pre-Design, Technical Requirements, and Documentation and User Interface. 

Pre-Development Requirements Checklist
This checklist will help you assess your user and technical requirements for accuracy, completeness and quality. 

Are You an Effective Project Manager? (a quick self assessment)
How effectively do you manage your projects? Regardless of your score, this 50 point self assessment will help you identify very practical areas to focus on and improve the skills you have. 

Methodology Implementation Plan
This document outlines the strategy for deploying a standard systems development methodology and its supporting tools to IT project teams. It is a framework for ensuring that the project team understands, applies and measures the effectiveness of the methodology. 

Project Portfolio Worksheet
The Project Portfolio Management Starter Kit consists of a PowerPoint briefing explaining the initial steps and this Excel worksheet to perform your analysis. With these two tools, you will have the ability to start your portfolio process. 

Sample Project Manager Job Description Form
Just what the heck is a project manager, anyway? Here's a starting point. 

Project HEADWAY Project Status Report
The purpose of a status report is to provide the project sponsor, the steering committee and other stakeholders with an understanding of how the project is progressing. The status report template allows the project manger to provide the audience members with a high-level view of the project. The template provides them with enough information in order to for them to understand project progress whilst not so much information as to overwhelm them. 

Project HEADWAY Project Team Status Report
On many projects, each team is required to submit a status report indicating their progress on their portion of the project. The report ensures the key information required by the project manager is captured from each team in a consistent and complete fashion. 

Have you seen our new Requirements Management Practice Area? It's full of tips and templates to help you define the work that you are engaged in now. Take a look around and let us know what you think. 

We hope you are having an amazing year so far and thank you again for being a ProjectManagement.com member! We sincerely appreciate your support and are completely committed to your success. If we can help with anything project related, please let us know at contactus@projectmanagement.com.

Dave Garrett
President & CEO, ProjectManagement.com

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