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Being open and honest is always the best way to go with project-related transaction. However there are many many times when you, your team, or stakeholders might be speaking in code rather than just saying what they mean.

I've listed a few of those coded messages below.  


Code: "We don't have the budget for that."

Reality: "I don't think that's worth exploring."


Code: "We tried that already."  (maybe 5, 10, 20 years ago)

Reality: "I don't think that will work."


Code: "[Our Competitor] already does that well."

Reality: "We can't ever match or beat [our competitor's offering]."


Code: "This is going to cannabilize [our existing product]."

Reality: "My job or my friend's job might change or go away."


Code: "Sometimes no just means NO."

Reality: "You are not worth explaining this to."


Are there others that you know of?


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Code: "We''''ll add it to the list" when the customer requests a low priority nice-to-have item.

Reality: "Nah, forget about it." The feature will be dropped because of time and cost constraints.

Code: "Based on my past experience on other projects, I would not recommend doing that."

Reality: "This project will likely fail if you insist on doing that."

What an interesting list!

Code: Let's further document these risks and execute our risk responses.

Reality: I'm worried about getting sued! Who's going to buy the insurance on this project?

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