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Happy June & thank you again for being Premium Members of the ProjectManagement.com community!

This month we bring you 2 NEW templates as well as 7 of our existing classic templates!

Don't forget you also have access to everything in the entire PREMIUM TEMPLATE library! We hope these make your life a bit easier – helping us fulfill our mission of making YOU more successful.

The following premium templates, newly available as of today, are available to all premium members. 

Project Constraints Hierarchy Template (NEW THIS MONTH!)
The project constraints hierarchy is intended to identify the order in which constraints will be compromised in order to protect/preserve more important constraints. The constraints hierarchy should be determined in conjunction with the major stakeholders who also need to understand the implications of their decisions. 

Earned Value Management (EVM) Calculator (NEW THIS MONTH!)
The basic premise of EVM is that we can assign a value to each task. We can then determine the progress that we have made on our project relative to schedule by comparing the amount of work completed with the amount of work planned to have been completed at the reporting date, and the progress relative to budget by comparing the amount of money that we have actually spent with the amount of money that we planned to spend. 

Project Team Retrospective Survey 
The project is over. How did it go from the perspective of those who really did the work, i.e., those on the project team? Though you could use this survey for an active project, it's really applicable to a project that has just finished. Use it as part of the project post-mortem. 

System Requirements Specification
The System Requirements Specification (SRS) document describes all data, functional and behavioral requirements of the software under production or development. 

Risk Management Grid
The Risk Management Grid is a technique to identify potential risk events that could impact one of more of the project’s Seven Win Conditions. Importantly, it also serves to decide how those events will be prevented or mitigated. 

Project HEADWAY Communications Plan
This template allows the project manager to fully understand the communication needs of stakeholders on the project. Stakeholders expectations and requirements can be documented ensuring there is a clear understanding of the why, when, how and what of the project’s communications. 

Change Management Policy and Process
The Change Management process is fundamental to the successful delivery of the project. The Change Management process ensures that each change introduced to the project environment is appropriately defined, evaluated and approved prior to implementation. 

Risk Identification and Assessment Form
Use the risk identification and assessment form to assess risks to (and their impact on) a project. Types of risks to be identified using this form include scope, timescales, deliverables, resources, milestones and expenditures. 

Portfolio HEADWAY Project Plan
Organizations often undertake the wrong projects and fail to understand if the projects they choose actually provide the expected outcomes. The Portfolio HEADWAY process is a project-focused, step-by-step process that will help your organization to select the right projects, manage those projects well and, realize the expected benefits. Put Portfolio HEADWAY to work for your organization. 

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We hope you are having an amazing year so far and thank you again for being a ProjectManagement.com member! We sincerely appreciate your support and are completely committed to your success. If we can help with anything project related, please let us know atcontactus@projectmanagement.com.

Dave Garrett
President & CEO, ProjectManagement.com

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