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8 More Templates to Save You Time

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8 More Templates to Save You Time

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Happy August & thank you for being Members of the community!

This month, we are including 2 NEW TEMPLATES and six from our vast collection!

Don't forget you also have access to everything in the entire PREMIUM TEMPLATE library! We hope these make your life a bit easier – helping us fulfill our mission of making YOU more successful.

The following premium templates, two newly available as of this month, are available to all premium members and to ALL members through Wednesday, August 27th. 

Contingency Plan Template (NEW THIS MONTH!)
This document summarizes the contingency plan for a risk. This level of formality will not be appropriate for all risks on all projects, but is a useful tool for potentially big impact risks. Every actively managed risk requires a contingency plan even if it is not this formal. When and if the risk triggers, there will be a need for decisive action. This document needs to be clear and complete enough to allow for those steps to be taken without a requirement for further analysis. 

Project Management Evaluation Review Report and Worksheet Templates (NEW THIS MONTH!)
Project Management Evaluation Reviews are formal reviews intended to uncover issues, concerns or challenges that may impact the quality or value results if changes are not made and facilitates resolution for what needs to be improved for successful completion. 

Failure Analysis: What Went Wrong, and Why? 
Sometimes things go horribly wrong once. Other times, they go horribly wrong on a routine basis. Ever wonder why that is? If failure is a recurring theme in your projects, you'd be wise to download this deliverable. 

Enterprise-wide Analysis 
This document outlines the Enterprise-wide Analysis, which describes the enterprise application package’s features and functions, analyses on its cost-benefit and risks, and the technical requirements to be supported. 

Risk Review Process and Checklist 
Need to perform a risk audit on a project? This Risk Review Process and Checklist guides you through an exhaustive review of the effort, including documentation, resourcing, delivery performance to date, financial performance to date, and much more. It's not just a checklist of simple measures, but asks a number of questions that truly speak to the potential for the project to achieve the results that were intended. 

Requirements Completeness Evaluation Checklist 
This checklist will assist you in minimizing scope creep, schedule extensions and project failure by evaluating whether the initial requirements are complete. This series of requirements attributes, quality checks, and examples provide a thorough review of what you plan to do. 

Presenting Your Business Case to Management 
Presenting a winning business case with the right amount of the right information for the right audience is the key to getting approval and funding for your project! Here is a presentation that will give you the fine points on how to do just that. 

Common Component Change Request 
Use this Common Component Change Request Form to track all component change requests. 

Just get out of a tough meeting? Share the pain with those who were in the meeting with you - 

We hope you are having an amazing year so far and thank you again for being a member! We sincerely appreciate your support and are completely committed to your success. If we can help with anything project related, please let us know

Dave Garrett
President & CEO,

Posted on: August 18, 2014 02:03 PM | Permalink

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Hi Dave ... Thanks for the templates

Very helpful templates, lot to learn and implement from them

Thank you!

Thank you very much.
Very interesting.

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