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Really Bad Workforce Trend That Needs Attention

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Have you noticed a problem with your youngest workers? The Society for Human Resource Management is reporting (in a pdf) an unfortunate trend: “More and more entry-level workers lack interpersonal skills, workplace etiquette and emotional intelligence.”
I’m sure we can all speculate about what’s behind this trend (social trends in general, bad parenting, a childhood of interacting through technology rather than face to face, etc., etc.), but that’s not going to solve any problems. And there are problems. Here’s what may happen next:
  • Younger workers frequently offend and frustrate key older high performers.
  • Increased conflict caused by awkward entry-level behavior reduces ability of teams to produce.
  • Your projects are more difficult to manage because people cannot work together effectively.
  • A new culture of disrespect and selfishness grows, pushing ever more good workers to leave .
  • The new culture takes hold, turnover increases, workforce effectiveness free falls, bad managers move up.
  • The environment makes it impossible for your projects to be successful.
So it is important to nip this in the bud. I’ll discuss what to do in my next post.
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