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El Malabarista

by Alberto Dominguez

Si es director de proyectos, tiene experiencia dirigiendo equipos de trabajo, sabe lo que significa un deadline apretado y aún así no comprende la analogía de "el malabarista", este blog no es para usted. En caso contrario, lo invito a disfrutar de la lectura y a dejar sus comentarios con el fin de enriquecer la discusión.

An Influential Project Manager

by Colin Gautrey

Today, more than ever, a project manager needs to be an influencer. The purpose of this blog is to stimulate your journey towards greater influence. With influence, you can overcome the roadblocks thrown in your way, overcome opposition, align stakeholders and, enjoy your role even more. However, since I know you are busy, the posts here will be short (about a minute), thought provoking and also drive you towards action. Feel free to connect with me, ask me questions, and share what's good here.

Next E Projects

by Paul Fantin

Its a Unique Project Ideas from different trainers accross the globe

Taking the Plunge

by Aaron Porter (MBA, PMP, CSM)

In case you actually read this description, the beginning of the blog is about preparing for the PMP exam. It then evolved into maintaining my credential. After taking a break for a few years, I'm back and will be blogging about project management, in general, and probably a bit of agile on a regular basis.

PMI Exam Simulators

by Sanjay Rajpoot

In this blog, I will provide you information, questions, simulators, prep tips you need to prepare for PMI Exams like PMP, PgPM, ACP, RMP etc. We will explain the benefits of using exam simulators to crack the real exam in first attempt!

Lessons learned and questions from the field

by John Malatji

Please share any lessons learned or questions which arose from your experience in executing or interacting with projects. There are vast amounts of knowledge body, information, tools, trends and practices (good and bad) which are not yet in public domain.

African PM in the South

by Derrick D de Beer

I am working in a highly politicized environment with a high frequency of change without proper management, the public wants what it wants, how it wants, now; regardless. The blog will always attempt to answer questions related to quick change management techniques, the frustration of working for politicians and providing service delivery to a rate paying public expecting excellence across all spheres of the contributing spectrum. After all if you pay for anything why should you not expect the best to be delivered all the time. Exerce Perfectioni

Communication Excellence in Project Management

by Bill Brantley

Although Project Managers spend 90% of their time communicating, communication in project management is the most underdeveloped skill for project managers. This blog will help Project Managers become better communicators and thus, better Project Managers.

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